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Compatibility: Vista, XP, Windows Server, 2000, NT, 98, and Intel-based Macs
Available languages: English
License: Open Source Apache Software License
The next version of GenMAPP, GenMAPP-CS, will be available as a beta version in August 2011.
More information about GenMAPP-CS here.

For over-representation analysis, we recommend the GO-Elite program, which works with GO terms and WikiPathways. We also recommend PathVisio for pathway visualization. PathVisio is cross-platform compatible and supports a wide range of species.

Download GenMAPP classic

Technical Specifications
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Source Code
  If you have trouble with the download link, try downloading from our alternate site. You can also order the GenMAPP application, gene databases and pathways on CD with a simple email request. Please refer to our FAQ page and GenMAPP google group for answers to common problems. Feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or suggestions.

Getting Started with GenMAPP classic

In addition to Help menu within GenMAPP there is an online tutorial and online help pages.

Species-specific gene databases and pathway archives can be downloaded from within GenMAPP using the data aquisition tool, or from this site.

And if you use GenMAPP is a manuscript, please cite the original publications.