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GO-Elite Pathway Analysis
GO-Elite is designed to identify a minimal non-redundant set of biological Ontology terms or pathways to describe a particular set of genes or metabolites. Default resources include multiple ontologies (Gene, Disease, Phenotype), pathways (WikiPathways, KEGG, Pathway Commons), putative regulatory targets (transcription, microRNA, domains) and cellular biomarkers. Multiple options for pathway visualization are also available. This software can be run using an intuitive graphical user interface, through command-line arguments, using a web interface and through the program GenMAPP-CS. For program details and to get answers to common questions, check out the Manual, FAQ, Tutorials or User Group.
GO-Elite Installers (version 1.2.5 - 7/7/12)
- Mac OSX Installer (.dmg)  
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- Ubuntu Archive (.zip) 10.04 12.04    
- Cross Platform Archive (.zip)    
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